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20-06-2018 – League Week 4

Superb bowling by the Smugglers Tom Hibbert,  as he took 9 traps in his 21 bowls, in a 1-1 draw with the Gentil knight B. Tony Weston took 6 traps himself, inclusive of smugglers no8 Chris Howard in the 1st leg whilst on the ball to record a tie leg. The 2 top batsmen in the game were Ben-Wiffy Smith with 34 for the Gentil and Mark Stone 27 for the Smugglers. Catholic Club go top of the Premiership after a stunning 2-0 home win over the Artichoke A. Paul Marsh hit 26 runs and team mate Alan Spratt bowled out 4 choke players. In reply Tom Hopkins scored 33 and Wayne Catherall took 3 traps for the choke. The Nomadic Smugglers moved into 2nd place after a 2-0 away victory at the Golden Lion A. Roger Brooker hitting 31 runs for the nomads and Bruce Aitken knocking up 20 for the Lions. Big hitters Nick Sergeant 32 and John Edwards 46 helped Littlebourne Rec to a 2-1 away win at the Gentil knight Cs home the Kings Head. 31 runs by Maty Watson and 4 traps by Tom Lilley were the main men for the C team.
In an in house fixture at Oare, the Castle B overcame their A counterparts 2-1 to top division 1. Lee Fitzgeralds 21 in the 1st leg and his 3 traps aided the B sides victory, while the A teams Ian Taylor put up a battle with 38 runs in the 2nd leg and he also took 3 traps. Two Brothers had a 2-0 success at the Market Inn A, while the Market Inn B won 2-1 at home to the Red Lion, Hernehhill .
Alma A remain undefeated and top of division 2 after a 2-0 win versus the Kestrels. Graham Boushers 51 runs in the 1st leg and his 5 traps, certainly helped his Alma side, while the Kestrels skipper Steven Burden tried his utmost for his team with 3 traps. In an Evenhill Crusaders derby, the B side came out triumphant with a 2-0 win and remain in 2nd place. Golden Lion B defeated Shipwright Arms 2-0 after 2 successful not outs by Sarah-jane Stevenson of a 9 and 13. Team mates Barry Lloyd hit 26 and Kieron Corks 3 traps certainly helped the Lions fortunes. In the Two Brewers 2-1 win, Billy Neale hit an impressive 30 runs in the 3rd leg and Dave Bennington trapping out 6 red lion players were the brewers star men.
In division 3, no change at the top as the Huntsman and Horn took all 3 points in their league fixture against ISG-Red Lion. The Huntsman hit 99 runs to 13 in the 1st leg with 2 batsmen scoring the majority of the runs, Virgil Parker 40 and Szymon Werner 24. The 2nd leg was much closer 40-39 to the Horn, with Virgil hitting the 3 not out for victory.  Pete Cornwall hit 13 runs in the 2nd leg for ISG in reply. Tony Jenner took 5 traps for Artichoke C but couldn’t help his side going down 2-1 at the White Horse. Darryl Joyce hit an impressive 36 runs and took 2 traps in the Artichoke Bs 2-0 victory over Whitstable Golf Club. Dove Inn A are in 2nd spot as they defeated Alma B 2-0.

25/27-06-2018 – Festival Cup Final / Henry Court Cup, Plate

In the Festival cup final, Artichoke A came out victorious with a 2-0 win, making it there 2nd trophy of the season. Nomadic Smugglers batted 1st in the 1st leg and scored 26 runs with Quinton Long top scoring with 12. Choke knocked up the 27 with just 5 players, Scott Goldup getting the 2 not out to claim the 1st leg. In the 2nd leg,  choke batted 1st and amassed a leg total of 105, with anchor man Spencer Snow hitting 52 of their runs. Nomads sub Tom Wratten hit 22 runs but to no avail as his side were all out for 54.
In the Henry court cup 2nd round,  holders Artichoke A again played the Nomadic Smugglers,  with exactly the same outcome a 2-0 success. The Nomads batted 1st but were all out for 20, with Tom Wratten hitting 9 runs. The chokes Wayne Catherall did the most damage as he hit16, leaving no4 Kevin Cooper to hit the 2 runs needed to take the leg. Choke batted 1st in the 2nd leg and knocked up 32. The Nomads were all out for 16. Ben Frost took 4 traps for the Nomads, Graham Snow took 3 for the choke. Simon Chambers hit 24 runs out of the Huntsman and Horns 55, 2 leg total, but it was not enough to stop them sliding to a 2-0 defeat to the Gentil knight C. Knyghts no2 Maty Watson hit a 10 not out to take the 1st leg. In the 2nd leg  Josh Hood stood out for the Knyghts with an impressive 22 of his teams total of 52. Faversham Town Fc are continuing their good form with their 6th win a row, this time a 2-0 victory over the Two Brothers. Brothers batted 1st and were all out for 15 after some impressive bowling by the Town. Nos 1 and 2 Mark Medley and Steve Coleman knocked up the 16 required. In the 2nd leg, the Brothers Paul Nicholson notched up 17 of his side’s 45. The town’s no5 Anthony Newman wrapped the match up with his personal best of 15 runs. Alma A moved into the next round after defeating the Kestrels 2-0. Almas Des Jolly hit 49 of his team’s 63 run 2nd leg total,  while Tiffany Eames hit 24 of the Kestrels 2nd leg total of 62. Brian Lloyd bowled out 3 Kestrels players. Adam Darby and Shaun Gore both hit 22 runs, while team mate Lee Fitzgerald took 3 traps for the Castle B in their 2-1 win vs Red Lion Hernehhill. The Lions Billy Croucher also took 3traps and hit 19 runs in the 2nd leg in a valiant attempt for his side. Littlebourne Rec and Red Lion B both had 2-0 home victories over the Smugglers and Market Inn A respectfully. Two Brewers completed the last 8 with a 2-0 walk over Artichoke C.
In the Henry court plate 1st round, which is in its 6th year now, Gentil knight B moved into the quarter finals after a convincing 2-0 win at the White Horse vs ISG-Red Lion. Adam Dengate top scored in both legs for ISG with 17 runs in total. Scott Watsons 34 1st leg score bolstered  the Knyghts 80-14 leg win. Tony Weston hit 12 in the 2nd leg to help steer the Knyghts to victory.  Jack Langmaid and Liam Dengate both took 3 traps a piece for ISG. Michael Oconnor notched up 25 runs in the Golden Lion Bs 2-0 home win vs Castle A. Lee Chapman finished the game off for the Lions with a 2 not out, while team mate  Sarah-jane Stevenson bowled 3 traps. John Allchin hit 19 runs in reply for the Castle. Whitstable Golf Club won their 1st bat and trap game with a 2-1 victory over Evenhill Crusaders A. Paul Ashenden hit 28 runs for Artichoke B, but it was not enough to help the Choke loose 2-1 to the Alma B.  2-1 home wins for holders Dove Inn A and Evenhill Crusaders B against Market Inn B and White Horse respectfully. Golden Lion A defeated the Shipwright Arms 2-0 and the Catholic Club had a bye to complete the last 8.

02/04-07-2018 – Fours Trophy / League Week 6

In the fours quarter finals, Kestrels1 beat their allies Kestrels2, 2-1 to move into the semi-finals. In the 1st leg, Ben Riddles 17 and Steve Bassetts 14, scored the majority of their teams total runs of 33 for Kestrels2. In the 2nd leg,  Kestrels1 hit 49 with Colin Burden and  Tony Burden hitting 13 and 27 respectfully. Ben Riddle did the damage in the 3rd leg for team1 as he hit 18 of his side’s 25. Aaron Ball, Ben Riddle and Steven Burden all hit 3 traps each for Kestrels1, while Kay Ferguson replied with 3 traps too. Faversham Town Fc bowled Alma out for 10 in the 1st leg with handy bowling by Zach Stebbards. The 2nd leg was finished off by the Town with a 21-13 leg win. Max Wellard was the star player for Gentil knight B1 as hit 50 runs in total, 16 in 1st leg 34 in the 2nd. Joe McDonald replied with 12 for the Golden Lion B 2. Golden Lion A2 make up the last 4 after defeating Alma A1 2-1.
In the Premiership,  Catholic Club hit their 4th league victory of their campaign by winning 2-1 away to the Nomadic Smugglers. Martin Whale hit 13 for the Catholics in the 1st leg, as his team mates hit 34. Nomads went in and it looked promising after Ben Frost hit 18. No8 Roger Brooker needed 3 runs for the Nomads    but was trapped for 1 by Ric Jordan, 1-0 to Catholics. Simon Julls got the 1 not out for the Nomads in a low scoring 2nd leg. The 3rd leg went to the Catholics. 5 traps a piece from the Nomads Ben Frost and Tom Wratten, while in reply Martin Whale and Paul Marsh hit 3 each. Artichoke A are in 2nd spot after defeating the Smugglers 2-0, with Wayne Catherall winning the 1st leg with a 6 not out. Mark Goldup hit 10 in the 2nd leg but team mate Terry Brockman finished the leg and game with a 3 not out, while Smugglers Pete Howe hit 11 in the 2nd leg. Gentil Knyght B had a 2-0 success at Littlebourne Rec despite 4 traps from James Edwards and Freddie Boden’s 23 runs.  Max Wellard hit 51 runs for the Gentil and Ben Smith hit the 4 winning not out. 3 traps each from Andy Dixon and Scott Watson certainly helped the Knyghts. Andrew Minter hit a credible 24 not out in the 1st leg for the Golden Lion A in their 2-0 success at the Gentil knight C.  Rick Eames bowled 3 traps in just 8 bowls for the Lions, while Josh Hood hit 13 runs in the 2nd leg for the C team.
In division 1, Two Brothers move into 1st place after defeating Red Lion Hernehhill and Castle A remain in 3rd spot with a 2-1 home win over Market Inn A. Faversham Town Fc remain in a rich vein of form with 8 consecutive wins in all competitions, topped off with a 2-1 win at the Market Inn B. In the 1st leg town hit a credible 127 team total with twins Zach and Jake Stebbards both hitting 48 runs a piece. The Markets Ben Tang finished off the 2nd leg for the Market. The 3rd leg,  town’s Adrian Burroughs,  Jake Stebbards and Alan and Steve Coleman all completed 3 traps on the night, while supersub Jake Salthouse bowled a double.
In division 2, Alma A suffered their 1st league defeat of the season at the hands of the Golden Lion B. Kiron Oconnor hit an impressive 26 in the 1st leg for the Lions while team mate Lee Chapman played his part with the 2 not out in the 2nd leg and also taking 5 traps. Evenhill Crusaders B are now joint top with the Alma A as they won 2-1 at the Shipwright Arms.  The Red Lion B moved up 2 places after a 2-1 away victory at the Evenhill Crusaders A.  Kestrels also moved up 2 places after defeating the Two Brewers 2-0. Ben Riddle hit 20 of Kestrels 47 1st leg total while Steve Mckeown replied with 14. Kay Ferguson’s 14 and Steve Burdens 11 was sufficient to finish off the Brewers. Liam Mckeown bowled out 4 Kestrels, while Ben Riddle and Kay Ferguson replied with 3 a piece.
Huntsman and Horn had Billy Harding 12 runs in the 1st leg and Jake Weatheralls 22 in the 2nd to thank as they were 2-0 victors at the White Horse.  Rob Dengate hit 28 of the horses 42 runs in the 2nd leg. Whitstable Golf Club picked up their 1st league win as they saw off Dove Inn A 2-0. Pat Mahon stood out for ISG with 19 runs and 2 traps but it was all to no avail as they lost 2-0 at the red lion against Artichoke B.  The choke had big hitters Paul Delo 54 and Paul Ashenden 52 as they aided the Chokes victory.  Artichoke C had a 2-0 walk over Alma B and move up to 2nd.

11-07-2018 – Charles Skam Cup / Plate – Quarter – Finals

In the Charles Skam Cup quarter finals,  Jake Stebbards and Steve Coleman, knocked up 58 of Faversham Town Fcs 71 1st leg total. Joe Passey managed to get 2 traps for the Two Brothers  as his side struggled to find the bowling line. Team mate Ian Hopkins hit 16 runs but it was all to no avail as Town clinched the 1st leg. In the 2nd leg, good bowling by Faversham as 3 players completed their hat tricks , twins Jake and Zach Stebbards and Josh Moat as they kept the Brothers score down to 37. Adrian Burroughs hit a 29 not out to clinch a semi-final spot for the town and continue their 9 game unbeaten run. Herne Bay Catholic club and the Gentil knight B both had 2-0 walkovers to progress to the semi final stage.
In the Charles Skam plate quarter finals, Kestrels of division 2 are the lowest ranked side left in the competition after a well deserved 2-0 victory over the Dove Inn A. Andy Burden certainly made the difference with 24 runs out of the Kestrels 1st leg total of 53 in the 1st leg. 2016 winners Littlebourne Rec defeated the Artichoke C 2-0 and progressed to the semi-finals. James Edwards hit 37 runs while team mate Nick Sergeant took 4 traps for the rec. Premiership side Nomadic Smugglers went out of the cup to division 1 side Castle A in a 2-1 defeat. Simon Jull put up a gallant effort for the Nomads with 52 runs inclusive of a 20 in the 2nd leg and a 26 in the 3rd. Simon also weighed in with 4 traps. The Castles Paul Coe wrapped up the 1st leg with a credible 29 not out, Kevin Marshall’s 25 certainly helped in the 3rd leg while Mick Brenchley hit the trap 4 times.

The annual Charity cup consisting of 16 teams from all over Kent, with around 120 players on show, will be held on Sunday August 19th with a 10pm start. This is being held at Littlebourne Recreation ground and is being held by the Canterbury Ladies bat and trap league. The chosen charity is the teenage cancer trust. We already have £2,000.00 for the chosen charity, from the events sponsor, your move. 200 members of the public, have kindly agreed to have the sponsors signs in their gardens or businesses, in return for the £2,000.00 Charity donation.

18-07-2018 – League Week 7

The Herne Bay Catholic club remain perched on top spot of the Premiership after out bowling the Gentil knight C with a 2-0 victory. Dave John top scored in the 1st leg for the Knyghts with 13 of his side’s 23 leg total.Gunnar Searles finished off the 1st leg with a 7 not out for the Catholics while Paul Overy got a hat trick of traps out of his 4 bowls. In the 2nd leg, the Gentil were all bowled out for 55 with Maty Watson hitting 17 of them. Opening pair Paul Overy 20 and Paul Marsh 27, did the damage but Ric Jordan finished the night off with a not out of 8, while Brett Lee’s took 4 traps. Artichoke A remain in 2nd place despite drawing with the Gentil knight B at the White Horse, in a very close game that could have gone either way. Choke batted 1st with Alan Hopkins scoring 23 of his side’s 47. The knyghts went into bat with Max Wellard hitting a majestic 30, no8 Scott Watson went in needing 2 runs to win but chokes Ron Piper bowled him on the ball, 47-47. In the 2nd leg, the choke were all bowled out for 24. Ben Smith hit 20 in return, leaving the Knyghts Lee Coombes to hit the 1 not out. The 3rd leg, choke batted 1st and hit 34 with Ron Piper hitting an 11. Andy Wayre hit 15 from the no1 spot for the Knyghts but yet again no8 Scott Watson needed 2 runs to win but this time bowled for 0 by Terry Brockman. In another close game, the golden Lion A narrowly defeated littlebourne rec 2-1. Traci Aitken wrapped up the 1st leg for the Lions with a 21 not out. Colin Robson played his part with 14 runs but man of the match was Dan Baines with 6 traps. James Edwards replied for the rec with 4 traps to his name. In the local Derby in herne between the Smugglers and the Nomadic Smugglers, the Nomads came out victorious with a 2-1 victory. Matt Carr hit 22 in the 1st leg for the Smugglers but the Nomads replied with Tom Wratten hitting 29 and Roger Brooker a 9 not out. Finishing off the 22nd leg for the Smugglers, Pete Howe hit 16 and team mate Martyn Crocker a 13 not out. Roger Brooker had a great game finishing up on 33 runs and 4 traps for the Nomads, while Mark Stone hit the trap 5 times in reply.
Two Brothers remain top of division 1 with a 2-0 home result over Castle A, while Market Inn B defeated 2nd place castle B 2-1 in Oare. Faversham Town Fc continued their rich vein of form with their 10th consecutive victory in all competitions, this time defeating the Red Lion Hernehhill 2-1. In the 1st leg, Alan and Steve Coleman hit 50 runs between them as Town finished off on 103. Red lion were all out for 28, as Town put the pressure on with some good bowling. The 2nd leg was won by the Lions with Jack White hitting a 27 and Billy Croucher bowling a hat trick of traps. Steve Coleman and Josh Moat hit 30 between them to take the 3rd leg for the town with the help of 5 trap Alan Coleman.
In a top of the table clash in division 2, between Evenhill Crusaders B and Alma A, the Evenhill side came out on top. Kestrels jumped up 2 places to 3rd with a 2-0 away victory over the Golden Lion B. Lee Chapman put up a battle with 10 runs in the 1st leg and 4 traps on the night. In reply Andy Burden hit 11 in the 1st leg but team mate Kay Ferguson stole the show with 16 runs and 5 traps inclusive of 4 on the trot. Red Lion B won at home 2-1 versus the Shipwright Arms. Martin Small hit 23 runs in the 1st leg for the Two Brewers in their 2-1 defeat at the hands of Evenhill Crusaders A. Stuart Whitcome hit a massive 70 runs on the night with team mate Vic Knight knocking a 40 in the 1st leg. Evenhill won the 3rd leg via a bowl out in which they took 3 traps !
In division 3, Huntsman and Horn remain top after a 2-0 walk over Artichoke C who have sadly pulled out the league. Artichoke B move up to 3rd after a 2-1 home victory over the White Horse. 2 traps a piece by Darryl Joyce, Will Mort and Ian Rauch, with the latter also hitting 24 runs which helped steer the choke to their win. ISG-Red Lion move up to 5th thanks to Pat Mahons 23 runs in their 2-0 away success over Dove Inn A. Newcomers Whitstable Golf Club, climb off the bottom of the table with a 2-1 away success at the Alma B.
In the Skam Cup quarter final, Artichoke A came out on top with a 2-1 success at the Alma A via a bowl out. New signing Tony Jenner hit 38 runs in the 1st leg for the Choke but Alma replied with Des Jolly hitting 49 and Andy Armstrong getting the 15 not out. In the 2nd leg Graham Snow top scored for the Choke in their winning leg. The 3rd leg had a double bowl out with 32 bowls at the trap which was hit on the last ball by Spencer Snow.
In the Charles Skam plate quarter final game, the Castle B defeated Artichoke B 2-0 to progress to the semi finals.

25-07-2018 – Henry Court Cup / Plate – Quarter – Finals

The Invicta Cup, is played between the Canterbury and district bat and trap league and the Medway league, on a home and away basis. The 1st game was held at the White Horse Bridge the home of the Gentil knight B. Warren Wood misfits from Medway, won the 1st leg 24-23 using only 5 batsmen. The 2nd leg the knights batted 1st and knocked up 54 with anchor man Tony Weston hitting 17, the misfits were all out for 22, 1-1. In the 3rd leg, again the knights batted 1st, this time hitting 35, with Scott Watson scoring 19 of them. The misfits were all out for 19, so the knights lead 2-1 from the 1st game.
In a rescheduled division 2 tie, the Kestrels came away with a 2-0 away victory at the Shipwright Arms. Lee Thomas starred for the Shipwright scoring 18 in the 1st leg and a 29 in the 2nd. Steve Bassett and  Steven Burden done the damage in both legs for the Kestrels with scores of 22 and 21 in the 1st leg out of a total of 48, while the 22nd leg,  the same pair hit 26 and 24, this time out of their teams total of 75. Kestrels bowled the Shipwrights last man on tie ball to take the leg and the 3 points, with Colin Burden their best bowler taking 3 traps.
In the Henry court cup quarter finals, division 2 side, Red Lion B were the shock 2-1 victors at Premiership  side Littlebourne Rec and move into the semi-finals. Faversham Town Fc moved into their 3rd semi final of the season after defeating Alma A 2-0. The town knocked up 63 in the 1st leg, with Almas Graham Basher taking 2 traps. In the 2nd leg Almas Graham Bowman and Paul Smith hit 38 runs between them but it was to no avail, as the town’s Alan Coleman hit 52 runs, plus bowled a hat trick to finish off the game. Castle B had a 2-0 success at home to the Two Brewers. In an all Premiership clash,  Artichoke A narrowly defeated the Gentil knight C, 2-1. In the  1st leg the knights won 53-51,with Maty Watson hitting 14 for them and Tony Jenner replying with 16 for the choke. In the 2nd leg,Dave John   hit 15 for the C team but chokes Mark Goldup hit the 4 not out to take the 2nd leg. In the 3rd leg, the knights hit 79, with David Osullivan knocking up 32 of them and also helping himself to 5 traps on the night. The choke chipped away at the 80 runs target with Wayne Catherall top scoring with 19, but it’s chokes anchor man Spencer Snow, who regularly finishes off sides as he did it again with a 10 not out !
In the Henry court plate quarter finals, division 3 sides, Dove Inn A and Whitstable Golf Club both had 2-1 victories over division 2 sides Golden Lion B and Evenhill Crusaders B respectfully. The golf clubs Gerry Allen hit an impressive 47 runs in the 2nd leg, to aid their victory. Gentil Knyght B, had a 2-0 convincing victory over Golden Lion A, despite Jamie Aitkens impressive 6 trap haul in just 12 bowls for the Lions. The knights were also in the mood for bowling on the neutral kings head pitch. The knights Andy Wayre took 4 traps in his 8 bowls, while team mates Andy Dixon Scott Watson and Tony Weston took 3 traps in 7 bowls. The Catholic Club completed the last 4, with a 2-0 walkover.
Division 2 side the Kestrels  were in rampant form to win the 2018 fours competition at the Golden Lion. In the 1st semi final the kestrels beat the Gentil knight B from the premiership 2-0. In the 1st leg, the knights hit 13, Kestrels had Steve Bassett 8 and Alan Howlett 6 to finish off the leg. In the 2nd leg, the knights were all out for 9, again Steve Bassett 8 and Alan Howlett 2 finished off the knights. In the 2nd semi final, Golden Lion A joined the Kestrels in the final after seeing off Faversham Town Fc 2-0. So Kestrels versus Golden Lion A in the final and a great final it was too, with 2 tied legs, ending in a 2-1 win for the Kestrels. Ben Riddle hit a 10 in the 1st leg for the Kestrels in a 16-8 leg victory. The 2nd leg was tied 17-17, while the 3rd leg the Kestrels were out for 1, leaving the Lions  Daniel Boden to hit the 2 not out. The 4th leg was again tied, this time 24-24 In which Rick Eames hit 16 runs for the Lions. Andrew Minter and Rick Eames were both bowled on the ball. The 5th and deciding leg was won by the Kestrels as the Lions were bowled out for 5, leaving Kestrels Steve Bassett to hit the 6 not out for victory.  Ben Riddle Kestrels took 5 traps, while the Lions Rick Eames replied with 4.

01-08-2018 – League Week 8

The Herne Bay Catholic club remain top of the Premiership with a 2-1 home victory over the Golden Lion A. The HB club batted 1st and knocked up 99 runs, with Ric Jordan hitting 35. In reply the Lions hit 57 with Jamie Aitken scoring 15. Lower scores in the 2nd leg, with a 26-25 win for the Lions where Colin Robson got the 9 not out. Ric Jordan again played his part with 19 runs in the 3rd leg and finishing on 5 traps.  Daniel Boden hit 16 runs for the Lions as they looked like clinching the victory but no8 Bruce Aitken was bowled 2 runs short. 2nd place Artichoke A travelled to Littlebourne Rec and came home victorious with a 2-0 win. Choke batted 1st and hit 59, Terry Brockman26 and Bradley Goldup 19 scoring most of the runs. John Edwards replied with 14 of the recs 42. The rec batted 1st in the 2nd leg and hit 50 with Alex Casey hitting 18 of them. Choke had an excellent start with Alan Hopkins hitting 29 before Terry Brockman stepped up and hit a 14 not out. Top trappers were Spencer Snow 5 traps choke, and Alex Hill rec 4 traps. Nomadic Smugglers defeated the Gentil knight B 2-0 at the White Horse Bridge. The knights batted 1st and hit 36 with Max Wellard hitting 18. The knights were on target until up stepped Ben Frost who hit a credible 28 not out. Quinton Long took 4 traps in just 8 bowls while team mate Simon Jull finished off the victory with a 5 not out. In a closely fought game between the Gentil knight C and the smugglers,  the Gentil knight c took the 3 points In 2-1 win. The smugglers won the 1st leg with Shane Wilson 13 and Steve Cokers 5 not out securing the leg. Smugglers set 25 in the 2nd leg with Mark Stone knocking up 17. The knights plugged away before anchor man Dave John batted the 6 not out to take the leg. Good bowling by both sides with Mark Stone and Chris Howard both taking 4 for the Smugglers and the knights Benji Foster taking 5 traps and weighing in with 42 runs inclusive of 32 in the 3rd leg.
Castle B defeated rivals Faversham Town Fc 2-1. Zach Stebbards put up a valiant effort with 32 runs and 4 traps for the town. Castles Paul Jones hit an impressive 77 runs, while good bowling by team mates Bob Mason 5 and Jamie Rigden 4 traps helped secure the 3 points. Castle A had a 2-0 success at the Red Lion Hernehhill. An in-house Derby at the Market Inn saw the A side triumphant over their B team with a 2-0 win. Aaron Stickles hit 33 runs for the A side, while Ian Lawrie took 3 traps for the B side.
In division 2, Evenhill Crusaders B suffered their  2nd league defeat of the season as they went down 2-1 at home to the Golden Lion B. Michael Oconnor inflicted the most damage for the Lions with a convincing 47 runs and 2 traps. In reply, Crusaders Shaun Loomer took 3 traps. Alma A remain 2nd thanks to Martin Cramps impressive performance with 65 runs and 2 traps, in their 2-1 win at the Red Lion B despite 3 traps from Ian Gray. Evenhill Crusaders A batted 1st and were all out for 16, leaving Kestrels Steve Bassett to the 17 required. In the 2nd leg the Crusaders hit 25, again Steve Bassett almost done it on his own but got bowled on the ball leaving Colin Burden to hit the 1 not out. Ben Riddle was top trapper hitting 3 for the Kestrels. The final game in the division saw bottom of the table Shipwright Arms muster up their 2nd victory of the season at the Two Brewers.
Huntsman and Horn remain top of division 3 despite losing 2-0 at Artichoke B. Chokes Paul Delo hit 63 and Ian Rauch 29 too secure the victory,  in reply Virgil Parker  and Roger Harris both took 3 traps. The White Horse move up to 4th after an impressive 2-0 victory at the Dove Inn A,  with Kevin Farmer the star man for the Horse with 32 runs. Alma B won 2-1 versus ISG-red lion,  while Whitstable Golf Club got a 2-0 walkover over Artichoke C.
In the 2md round of the Invicta Cup between Warren Wood misfits from Rochester and the Gentil knight B, the Knights came home with the cup after a deciding leg. The knights were 2-1 up from the 1st Round but soon found themselves tieing  on 2-2 after losing the 1st leg. The B team were all out for 11 runs with 5 players bowled out for nought. The 2nd leg went the same way as the Gentil found themselves trailing 3-2 On aggregate despite Scott Watson hitting a 10. The B team hit 18 and needed this leg to stay in contention, so needed to up the bowling anti. They duely obliged , bowling their opponents for 15. 3-3 On aggregate, so the game needed a deciding leg,  the Knights batted 1st and hit 19 with Jakey Janes hitting 12. Exceptional bowling by the whole B team saw the misfits all out for 11 and the Invicta Cup heading to Canterbury. Scott Watson top scored with 19 runs and 5 traps a piece for Lee Coombes and Jakey Janes secured the win.

08-08-2018 – League Week 9

In the Premiership, Catholic Club continued their rich vein of form with a 2-0 victory at the Littlebourne Rec. Brett Lee’s hit 28 runs while team mate Paul Marsh scored 14 and took 2 traps for the Catholic Club. In reply, Golly Sergeant took a brace of traps for the rec. Artichoke A took the 1st leg 53-43 vs the nomadic smugglers. Mark Goldup hit 25 for the choke, while Quinton Long knocked up 19 for the Nomads. In the 2nd leg Spencer Snow hit 10 of the chokes 27, Mick Quinnell hit 11 leaving Simon Jull to hit the 4 not out to take the 2nd leg for the Nomads. In the 3rd leg, Nomads  Mick Quinnell hit the 13 not out to take the 3 points with the help of Ben Frosts 6 traps. In a low scoring match, the Golden Lion A came out victorious with a 2-0 win over the Smugglers. Andrew Minter top scored with 16, while Danny Baines took 4 traps both for the Lions. Gentil Knyght B defeated rivals Gentil knight C 2-0 at the Kings Head. The B team batted 1st and hit 106 with Steve Nolan 33, Tony Weston 29 and Andy Wayre 22 the big hitters,  Maty Watson replied with 21 for the C team. Ben Smith knocked up 23 in their 2nd leg victory as the B team hit 82, Benji Foster replied with 4 traps.
In division 1, Two Brothers remain top on leg difference as they won 2-1 away to Market Inn B where Ian Hopkins 50 runs and 4 traps steered the Brothers to victory. 28 runs by Lee Rigden and Bob Mason and Lewis Gore both taking 3 traps, led the Castle B to a 2-0 victory at the Red Lion, Hernehhill. Steve Coleman 22 runs and Adrian Burroughs hit 15 of the 73 scored by Faversham Town in the 1st leg.  In the 2nd leg no1 Mark Medley done the damage  for the town with 31 runs in their 2-0 victory over the Market Inn A.
Evenhill Crusaders B top division 2 after defeating the Kestrels 2-0 at home . Martin Small knocked up 80 runs and bowled out 3 opponents, but it was all to no avail as the Two Brewers lost 2-0 at the Alma A. The Red Lion B won 2-1 at the Golden Lion B. Evenhill Crusaders A beat the Shipwright Arms 2-0 with Robert Lawson hitting a credible 54 not out in the 1st leg for the Crusaders, Geoff Gardner replied with a 29 also in the 1st leg.
Kevin Farmer starred for the White Horse Bridge as they moved up to 3rd in division 3 with a 2-0 home win versus the Alma B. Huntsman and Horn and Whitstable Golf Club both had 2-0 successes at the expense of the Dove Inn A and ISG-red lion respectfully.  Artichoke B had a 2-0 walkover against Artichoke C.
In the singles competition at the Red Lion, the semi-finals saw Paul Coe Castle A defeat Tony Jenner Artichoke A while Ben Riddle defeated Kestrels team mate Tony Burden. Playing in the 81st singles final, Paul Coe took the crown after defeating Ben Riddle 3-2.
On Sunday August 19th at littlebourne rec the Canterbury Ladies league will be hosting the Charity Cup. 128 players from all over Kent will be on show in a 6 a side tournament, raising money for the teenage cancer trust, start time is 10.30 am.